Tickets are at the Convention Box office located in the Civic Auditorium then proceed to the conference center to enter the show.

Pasadena Comic Con Jan 28th 2018 Pasadena Convention Center 300 E Green st Pasadena.

Tickets are available at the convention box office day of the event

Early Bird 9am $15 or 10am $10 general admission kids under 12 are free

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Pasadena Comic Con Tomorrow

We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow we have a great guest list and vendors at the event.


Pasadena Comic Con and Toy Show

This Event will be on Feb 26th 2017

At the Pasadena Convention Center

Lower Conference Center

300 E Green street

Pasadena CA


Show hours 9am -5pm

How much

9 am Early Bird $15.00

10 am General Admission $10.00

Kids are Free 12 and below

Admission Is at the Convention Box Office

More Questions

email to

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Late guest announcement Joe Rubinstein Inker extraordinaire see him tomorrow at Pasadena Comic Con