Get tickets at the door!

Online pre registration is closed but you can still get tickets at the door for both Early Bird admission and General admission.

Ticket sales will be at the Pasadena Convention Box Office located in the civic center


Show hours 9am -5pm

Early Bird gets in at 9am general admission starts at 10am

How much

9 am Early Bird $15.00

10 am General Admission $10.00

Kids are Free 12 and below

Tickets available at Convention Box Office day of the event

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Guests Layout at the event

Guests Layout at the event

*Note guests are scheduled for the day but may leave early or may not be able to attend at the last moment

C-18 Scott Koblish
C-17 Gustavo Vazquez
C-15 Matt “BATT” Banning
C-14 James C Mulligan
C-13 Lonnie
C-12 Mike Kazaleh
C-11 Aidan Casserly
C-10 steve gordon
C-9 Patrick Owsley
FF-2 Neo and Liz
AA-1 Alan Oppenheimer
AA-2 Melendy Britt
AA-3 Alan Oppenheimer
D-1 Micheal Grey
D-2 Rudy Obrero
D-3 Steve Niles
D-4 Gigi Edgley
D-5 Patrick David
D-6 Steve Cardenas
D-7 Thomas Yeates
D-8 Dan godsell
D-9 Herb Jefferson Jr
D-10 Paul Nakauchi
D-11 Josh Petersdorf
D-12 Feodor Chin
D-13 Fuzzy
D-14 Kellen Goff
D-15 Julie Dolan
D-16 Kevin Thompson
D-17 Nick Palma
D-18 Stephen Costantino
D-19 Suzie Plakson
D-20 Barbara kesel
D-21 Ann Robinson

pcc layout-final final final -2019