Ann Robinson

Born in the Hollywood Hospital, attended Hollywood High School and grew up between Sam Goldwyn and Eagle Lion studios, California native Ann Robinson is a true daughter of her hometown. At an early age, Miss Robinson became a member of the famous Meglin Dance Studio. Also in her youth she would become an accomplished equestrian, later fibbing her way into the film industry doing stunts for several notables in westerns.

The first part she tested for and cast in was Warner Brother’s 1951,”Good Bye My Fancy” in a scene opposite Joan Crawford. Later that year, famous talent scout Milt Lewis discovered her for Paramount Pictures while she was doing a play by Ivan Tors (“Wind Without Rain”), and was soon signed to the studio. Quickly joining their “Golden Circle Stars of Tomorrow” club in 1952, she was groomed for the role of “Sylvia Van Buren” in George Pal’s 1953 “The War of the Worlds”. That same year she was loaned to Columbia for “The Glass Wall” by Ivan Tors and “Bad for Each Other” starring Charlton Heston.
1954 came with a move and signing to Warner Brothers where she was selected by Jack Webb for his first feature film “Dragnet”.
During this time she starred opposite Buster Crabbe and Neville Brand in “Gun Brothers” and George Montgomery in “Gun Duel at Durango.” She was also regularly featured in television’s “Fury” and “Rocky Jones,, Space Ranger” as well as in the original pilot for “Cheyenne”. On location and shot in a plane, she made MGM’s “Julie” in 1956 with Doris Day and Louis Jourdan. Producer Ross Hunter cast her as the “subject of colour” for the climactic scene in his 1958 redux of the controversial “Imitation of Life” which she is known for being one of film’s tackiest bigots!
Miss Robinson chose to leave Hollywood in 1957 and marry one of Mexico’s premier bullfighters, Jaime Bravo with whom she had two sons. Jaime is a five-time Emmy Award wining director for ABC Sports and Estefan is a producer and touring musician.
The surprise of her life came in 2004, when Steven Spielberg asked her to have a cameo in his magnificent adaptation of the H.G. Wells’ classic tale. Since the 25th anniversary of the original in 1977, Miss Robinson has enjoyed touring with this film and visiting international conventions on it’s behalf.




Jan 19th 2020 Pasadena Convention Center

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