Pasadena Comic Con Cosplay Contest

The official Cosplay Contest will take place at 4:45 in the panel room! Hosted by Jeromy DeChant, one lucky cosplay winner will take home one super awesome grand prize!

Cosplay Contest signs ups will be all day in the panel room. Contest will take place in the panel room at 4:45pm!

Cosplay Contest Rules

The Cosplay Contest will be held as one main event and will not be broken up in categories. The Contest winner is at the complete discretion of the host based off the costume said host finds most impressive.

All cosplay costumes must adhere to the rules of the show and maintain a family friendly PG-13 standard. Keep your naked bits tucked away. We at PCC diligently practice “Cosplay is Not Consent” and in the same way that we expect a certain amount of decorum from everyone cosplaying, all guests and attendees of the show will keep their hands to themselves and their mouths closed of any words that are or could be misconstrued as cruel, harassing, or offensive.

  • For safety reasons during the Contest, the following are not allowed:
    • Live animals
    • Substances which might damage or soil
    • Aerosol sprays
    • Projectiles of any kind.
    • No pyrotechnics will be allowed including but not limited to: fire, flash powder, explosives, smoke bombs or fireworks.
    • Entries that could potentially damage the Convention Center facilities, other participants or the wearer will not be allowed.
    • Illegal weapons of any kind are not allowed.
    • Prop weapons used as part of the costume are allowed with restrictions. You are expected to act responsibly with your weapon. If you decide to carry a weapon, by attending you accept any legal and financial responsibility for damage your weapon may cause to persons or property.
    • Entries with electric power requirements need to be self-contained. There will be no access to electrical outlets on stage.

Audience members are expected to be polite during the contest. We will not tolerate booing, shouting, or running up on to the front for any reason.

But most of all, have FUN! Be excited, be creative, and wear that costume with pride!

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