Larry Houston

Larry Houston



Network:  FOX-TV

Studio: SABAN /GRAZ Entertainment 

My dream project from Day One in Animation.  All the years of Marvel trivia I knew allowed me to guide the series with accuracy and include cameos of other Marvel characters, which I added, just like Stan Lee did when I first started reading Marvel Comics. Executive Producer Will Meugniot storyboarded the fantastic first :14 of the X-MEN opening and I storyboarded the rest.



GI Joe Movie

Creator of GI Joe Movie Opening Titles

Story Director

I created and drew the Opening Titles from scratch and the first ten minutes of the Movie. 



Pilot Episode – Co-Director/ Storyboard Artist

This was the 1989 pilot episode for the X-MEN, which became a full series years later.


                             Larry Houston’s

Masters of the Universe – He-Man Comic Book Inserts

As the fantastic success of the He-Man Animated syndicated series grew and grew, I was lucky enough to work with Mattel and Lee Nordling, the books’ Director, to freelance draw the first 10 issues of the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Comic Book, insert comic books that accompanied all the action figures. Not only was I able to create and add multi-cultural cultures to the He-Man Universe, but it gave me the opportunity to have lots of fun with the He-Man character and his world.  Lee Nordling also made sure we had great inkers like Bruce Timm and Gerald Forton and others.

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