Panels and Programming



Pasadena Comic Con 2020 Programming Schedule

Panel Time Panel Name Moderator Panelists
10-10:50 In Quest of Geek Presents: Battle Brackets In Quest of Geek Podcast Alix, Cole, and JPG will be joined by guests
11-11:50 Rise of the Latina Superhero Lucy Flores, Founder of Luz Collective Kayden Phonix, Amanda Julina Gonzales, Barbra Dillon, Ivy Doomkitty, Gabby Rivera
12-12:50 Creating Comic Covers: Secrets to Inventing a Cover Fans Love Steve Wyatt Tim Bradstreet, Scott Koblish, Jamie Sullivan
1-1:50 Sergio Aragones – Over 50 Years of Comic Genius Steve Wyatt Sergio Aragones
2-2:50 3 Generations of Sci-Fi – Experiences From Actors Who Brought Us 50 Years of Science Fiction Steve Wyatt Herb Jefferson Jr, Michael Biehn, Gigi Edgley
3-3:50 Voice Acting – Bringing Characters to Life! Aaron Sparrow James Mathis III, Derek Steven Prince, Renae Jacobs
4-4:50 Cosplay Contest Loryn Stone of PopLurker Pasadena Comic Con attendees compete for the win in their best cosplays!



Jan 23rd 2022 Pasadena Convention Center

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